[Tweeters] Subalpine turkeys?

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The old Gap Analysis model showed a limited amount of occupied habitat in Washington, almost none at all in both Kittitas and Chelan Counties. These old distributional models, from 1997, have held up fairly well for most native species. However, they’re pretty poor for describing the ranges of introduced species, both because those ranges have continued to grow since the models were developed and because non-native species don’t get as much scientific attention as native species (with some exceptions). The Gap predicted distribution explicitly avoided predicting turkeys in high elevations, tending to show drainage bottoms and foothills as the places where turkeys were expected to be found. Obviously, we now know better.

Here’s a link to the 1997 Gap Analysis map for wild turkey:


Kelly McAllister

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We see them regularly at the top of Naneum Ridge in summer (divide between Wenatchee/Kittitas. High point there is nearing 7,000'.

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On Tuesday afternoon, driving from Wenatchee to Olympia, we were cresting the summit of Blewett Pass when a turkey flew across the highway and landed on the top of the cutbank. It surpised me to see a turkey at over 4.000 ft in the Cascade Mountains.

Kelly McAllister

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