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Marcus Vorwaller marcus at vorwaller.net
Mon Mar 25 17:01:19 PDT 2019

Hi, I'm the one who posted the Whooper Swan report. I reached out to Martha
and she was gracious enough to look at some additional photos I took and
sent this reply which she asked me to send along.

Thank you for your response. I looked at all your photos, compared to
whoopers I have seen and the photos available. I stand corrected. It
appears you are correct that it is a whooper. That said, it just as likely
a wild swan. Whooper swans, although rare in WA, can and do visit here. And
this is migration time so if this swan was south with other swans,
including Tundra, it could be moving through heading back to Alaska and
perhaps Russia. Good find. Since my time is short today and I want people
to know you were correct, If you will, please cut and paste this response
to tweeters. I am in the midst of the swan die-off in Sno-King area and
am off to get yet another dead swan.
I appreciate your postings and ebird reports. When this mortality
event abates I will catch up with ebird stuff.

And welcome to the world of birding and just getting out to enjoy the
outdoors with birds.

If you're interested in seeing the photos, they're here:

Thank you,

On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 10:00 PM Martha Jordan <mj.cygnus at gmail.com> wrote:

> This appears to be a classic Bewick's form of Tundra Swan. Head shape is

> round, bill concave. If yellow was missing it would look like a Tundra.

> Whooper swans look like Trumpeter with lots of yellow. Some Bewick's do

> have a lot of yellow just like some Tundra's have really large yellow area

> on lore.

> Did anyone hear it vocalize?



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