[Tweeters] Swan sightings

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 21:53:17 PDT 2019

The swans have been leaving on their migration north. Most appear to have
left the Snoqualmie Valley. That said, a swan mortality event has occurred
at Crescent Lake Wildlife Area and surrounding area this past 10 days. The
count is about 30 dead Trumpeter Swans and we are monitoring several live
ones that appear to be sick.
Most sick or dead swans have been collected from Crescent Lake and
some in wetlands about a mile or two south. There maybe sick or dead swans
elsewhere in the Snoqualmie Valley that we are not aware of.
We need your help. If you see a swan or more in the Snohomish or
Snoqualmie Valleys please let me know.
Stillwater wetland just off SR203 currently has 1 swan remaining...down
from 3 yesterday.
Is the single swan or more still there on Sat?
Any sightings on the river as you drive along? Or in wetland or field,
especially in the north Snoqualmie Valley.

Thank you
Martha Jordan 206 713 3684 Call or text is the quickest and
preferred way to reach me.
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