[Tweeters] Eide Road / Stanwood update for 2019

AnthonyG. birds at ocbirds.com
Thu Mar 21 00:30:16 PDT 2019

Dear Tweeters:

For the birders in this group that visit/have visited or plan to visit Eide
Road in Stanwood, the following is an update as of 3-21-19.

I had written to Loren Brokaw the lead project manager and asked if Eide
Road may be closing for good (a rumor that's been going around) and if the
salmon project will resume this year and allow water into the fields at Eide

Mr. Brokaw responded with the following:

"It is true that we are planning to construct the remainder of the project
this summer. We are currently working on finishing the design and are
securing all of the permits we would need to complete the work.

It isn't true that the site will be closed for good though. The project
includes a new parking area near where Eide Road drops down off of the
highway, and the parking area will be connected to an elevated trail that
will pretty closely follow the alignment of Eide Road. The composition of
bird species that use the site will change with the change in habitat, but
I'm hoping the area will continue to be popular for birders with the new
trail. Some other sites that have had similar projects that included
recreation access features have been used pretty significantly, like
Nisqually and Fir Island Farm Reserve - hopefully Leque/Eide follows suit.

I've also been impressed by the number of visitors this winter and have been
fortunate to see the owls a few times.

I've forwarded your info about the freezer to the wildlife area manager."

With respect to the freezer, many of us have seen the large out of place
freezer that resides near the cherry tree. I had asked if that rubbish would
be removed and there is hope.

Anthony G.
Camano Island

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