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Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Wed Mar 20 16:40:47 PDT 2019

hi all ... after reading Wilson Cady's Skamania County birding yesterday, Gene asnd I headed up there today ... a GORGEOUS albeit a bit windy day ...
we dipped on most everything Wilson, Less, and Barry saw, but we still had some good birds ... Say's Phoebe (no), Am Pipit (no), but the Loggerhead Shrike (YES !!!) ... and our "bonus" was a male Western Bluebird !!! ... we had FOY Turkey Vulture and FOY Savannah Sparrow too ... 
and we're still debating on a Hawk sighting we had ... a possible Ferruginous ??? ... quite large (comparring it to the Crows harrassing it), white (light color) underwings and underbelly (no cumberbund), dark wingtips, white head, and yellow beak ... powerful looking as it was fleeing from the crows ... if anyone has any insights on what this hawk may or maynot be I'd appreciate info.

Lyn TopinkaVancouver, Wa.
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