[Tweeters] Springtime is Coming to Kittitas County

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Tue Mar 19 21:39:21 PDT 2019

It is fun to read about all of the new avian arrivals and after all the snow seeing that Spring is really arriving in Washington.  Jon Houghton and I had a great trip to Kittitas County and Spring is definitely on its way.  Still lots of snow in many places, but far less than even last week and is gone from many areas.  Here are some highlights for the day:  A pair of American Dippers on the bridge over the Cle Elum River on Bull Frog Road;  Western Bluebirds on Duck Pond Road (also Pygmy Nuthatches, Varied Thrushes, Mountain Chickadees, Pine Siskins and Cassin's Finches); Many Tree Swallows throughout the whole area and a few Violet Green Swallows as well; donuts at the Cle Elum Bakery - it's not all about birds; Chestnut Backed, Black Capped and Mountain Chickadees in the same tree at the Northern Pacific Railroad Ponds - also all three Nuthatch species and a large flock of Red Crossbills; Evening Grosbeaks between Highway 970 and Red Bridge Road; Great Horned Owl on nest on Brick Mill Road; Mountain Bluebirds, Sagebrush Sparrows, American Pipit and Horned Larks on Old Vantage Highway; Golden Eagle, Rock Wren, Say's Phoebes and Western Bluebirds on Recreation Road; many ducks on the Columbia including Redheads and both Greater and Lesser Scaup; Prairie Falcon, Rock Wren and Canyon Wren on Huntzinger Road.  Altogether we had 65 species and also saw a herd of over 100 elk on Vantage Highway.  The species in bold italic were First of Year for either or both of us.  The day started at 24 degrees and ended at 75 degrees.  Little wind, no clouds, and a gorgeous almost full moon to start the day.
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