[Tweeters] Sick and Dying Swans Near Duvall

Tina Blade tinablade5051 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 13:44:51 PDT 2019

Dear Tweets,

Today on a what we'd imagined would be a lovely spring-day visit to Crescent
Lake near Duvall, my husband Marc Hoffman and I encountered Martha Jordan in
the Crescent Lake parking lot.

To our dismay, Martha pointed out on the lake and in the reeds a number of
Trumpeter swans who were sick or dying from lead poisoning. She said she's
seen many dead and dying swans in the area over the last few days. At
Martha's request, Marc is going back with his kayak and camera to help
document her work as she checks the birds out more thoroughly. My
impression is that there is no rescuing to be done. It's heartbreaking.

I'm posting this as an FYI to let the Tweeters community and those of you
who support Martha's work know what's unfolding here.

Tina Blade

Duvall, WA

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