[Tweeters] The Mythical Raven

George Heleker earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Mon Mar 18 08:15:35 PDT 2019

Although we don't have nearly as many crows here on south Whidbey Island as
on the mainland, their numbers seem to be on the rise, and they quickly
come out to harass a Raven any time one flies by the area, which is at
least several times a day. Yesterday, while doing my usual bird count on
our property, I heard a Raven and saw one flying about 30 feet up to the
south of here. Suddenly, 8 crows came out of the woodwork from the south to
harass the Raven as they always do. I did not realize there were so many
crows as I had only counted four in three hours of birding. It was a warm
midday, and the Raven quickly started soaring over the open field. Like
magic, the crows gave up the harassment as soon as the Raven started

George Heleker
South Whidbey Island

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> I have seen a pair of ravens in the Edmonds-Woodway area for the past 2-3

> years. I suspect the presence of crows rather than the presence of

> humans has discouraged them from inhabiting urban areas as I have seen

> crows harass them relentlessly.


> Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA

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