[Tweeters] Where have my Anna’s Hummingbirds gone?

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Fri Mar 15 15:33:48 PDT 2019

Their disappearance from the feeders is good news. Nesting season is beginning, the weather is warming, and the birds do not need to fill up on sugar as much. Hummers also eat insects for protein and to feed their chicks. Also, there soon will be more flower alternatives to sugar water. However, Rufous Hummingbirds are beginning to arrive and will use the feeders for a bit, too, before nesting. Later this summer you will see activity pick up as the immature birds get out of the nest

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> Hi Hummingbird Feeding friends!


> I bought the Humzinger High Point saucer type feeder and I love it!


> The first day I put it out was shortly after the snow had melted. I had 3 different hummers duking it out for the feeder! There was one of the three hummers on the feeder at nearly all times the whole day! I was so thrilled! They drank so much that I had to replace their nectar every other day! The next 2 weeks or so it was the same story...they were there nearly all day long.


> The last week things have totally changed. About a week ago, I was only seeing one or two of them and they were only coming by in the early morning hours and just before dusk. That made me sad and worried.


> The past two days, I haven’t seen any hummers. I’m so sad and worried. What do you think is going on? Have you noticed the hummers have disappeared at your feeders too?


> I’ve been very good about cleaning the feeder every time I change the nectar. I’m using the correct 4 to 1 water sugar ratio for the nectar.


> Why have they disappeared? So sad and worried.


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