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The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is pleased to announce dates for 2019
spring Bird Monitoring and Banding AND Bird Identification Workshops.

Bird Monitoring and Banding Workshop:

. May 10 - 12

The Bird Monitoring and Banding Workshop is designed for people with little
or no bird banding or bird in the hand experience and provides a fantastic
opportunity to see birds up close and personal, to learn about their
plumage, molt sequences and life habits.


The Bird Identification Workshop is designed for beginner and intermediate
birders who may wish to participate in citizen science projects such as the
BC Breeding Bird Atlas or similar programs or who just want to take their
bird knowledge and identification skills to the next level.

This course covers groups, topography, field marks, song, habitat, molt,
ageing and more and includes a guided field session to the Colony Farm
banding station. Although developed for beginner and intermediate birders
the ornithological aspects of the course benefit even the most experienced
birders and the workshop is invaluable for birders traveling overseas.

Bird Identification Workshop:

* May 25 - 26 (in association with UBC Botanical Gardens)

Most of all, these workshops are designed to be a fun and interesting
experience and a way to take your interest in birds and the environment to
the next level. View our website testimonials pages for both courses to see
what people who have attended the workshops have to say and why the average
rating from course participants is 9.5 out of 10!!

Full details of course schedules and content and registration information
can be found online at:


Derek Matthews

NABC Certified Trainer

Vancouver Avian Research Centre

Vancouver, BC, Canada.

<http://www.birdvancouver.com/> www.birdvancouver.com

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