[Tweeters] trip planned to the Darien area of Panama

David Cook 41cdcook at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 15:15:20 PDT 2019

I've been bitten by the birding bug again and I'm planning to go for about
8 days to the Darien area in Panama this summer. The tour is run by the
Canopy Family tour company. They have set up a safari style camp in the
Darien and do a 7 night tour there. Because it is the rainy season, they
offer a significant break in their price. The cost of the total trip not
including airfare to and from Panama if 6 or more of us go would be $2,088
including taxes.

The two species that have most prompted me to make this trek are the Harpy
Eagle and the Crested Eagle, both of which can most likely be seen on this
tour. Their guides know where their nest sites are. I have identified 150
other lifers that would be possible for me to see. That's a lot
considering I have been to Panama before for 2 weeks and done at least 3
other trips to Central America.

I have read a number of reviews from people who have gone there in the
summer and all say that the rain is not the problem we would imagine and
that the guides are skilled at working around the periodic downpours.

The Darien is the most remote area in Panama bordering Colombia. It is at
the end of the Pan American highway and compared to the rest of the country
is barely developed. There are vast stretches of pristine forest to
explore. Many bird species can only be found there. Every review I have
read about the experience of being in the Darien is glowing .

The weeks I am considering when they can accommodate a group of 6 or more
July 14 - 21
and maybe July 7-14 (not yet clear if they have spaces available)

Here is a link to the Canopy Family website where you can read all about
the tour.

Let me know if you would be interested in joining this trip by emailing me
offline (41cdcook at gmail.com). I would be glad to share more information
including a checklist if you request it.

Dave Cook
Seattle, WA
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