[Tweeters] Mew Gull - Yakima still here, and more

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 21:11:13 PDT 2019

Mary & I visited Buchanan Lake late this afternoon and saw the Mew Gull was
still there, resting on the ice amidst 6 Ring-billed Gulls (down from 10
the other day). I'd sent messages to birding friends when I found it, one
of whom was Jim Cummins who was out of town. He looked at photos he'd taken
two days prior at the end of the Eagle Trail at Poppoff, two miles south,
of a gull flying away. He sent them to me. I encouraged him to send them on
to eBird reviewers. We agree it is a Mew Gull. So it's been around since
March 5th. Today was a gorgeous day to view it. The day I found it weather
was fitful. A snowstorm laid a half-inch of snow on my scope in a couple of
minutes, while other times were gorgeous.

Here's a link to Jim Cummins' eBird checklist with attached photos:

My checklist from this afternoon's welfare check, with a single photo of it

Good Birding,
Kevin Lucas
Selah, Yakima County, WA
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