[Tweeters] More from bonneville dam— lesser goldfinch

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 9 09:37:04 PST 2019

There are also at least three bright lesser goldfinch here— still a tough skamania bird despite populations east and west—

Location; working the fence line at the water plant— reached by turning west toward Hamilton island then back east along the Columbia’s edge— staying more towards the east edge of the fences
Also 2 mountain bluebirds here— same or different ones I’m not sure

Matt Bartels
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> Tweets- good start to the weekend— at bonneville dam right now ( 9:00) in skamania county, I’m watching a sagebrush sparrow and two mountain bluebirds— the sparrow is an apparent county first for skamania.


> Location: turn in to the dam off sr 14, follow the turns east towards the dam. Past the second orange power line tower, there’s a retracted gate followed by a pull off on the water side. The sagebrush sparrow has beef feeding on the gravel pull off near the conifer. The bluebirds have been moving around a lot more in the general area


> Matt Bartels

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