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While I realize that fish aren't birds, there are many fish that switch sex during their lifetime. It is part of the normal biology of those species. I might even be whole genera. In mammals, there are records of doe deer with antlers and I think I recall a couple of reports of those does having borne fawns.

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> Jeff, when I visited Reifel Refuge near Ladner, BC, with my Master Birder class on 25 Feb 2017, we saw two birds that we were convinced were intersex Mallards. They were with the scrum of ducks that surround you as you walk down the path into the refuge. Both looked superficially like males but with many female-type feathers scattered all over the body (one had a lot more than the other) and with female-type bills.


> I think anyone who visited there might be able to see such birds with a bit of hunting. Sorry that photos can’t be shared via tweeters.


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> > So I?ve HEARD of intersex birds, especially ducks, but never seen one until today. During a dog walk through Black River Riparian Forest, accessed from Oakesdale/Monster Rd. on western edge of Renton, I had a Mallard with female body and big black splotch on bill, but iridescent green head like a drake, save for buffy-brown cheek. Photos in ebird checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S53393579

> > Not as sexy (pun intended) as that gynandromorph cardinal in Pennsylvania, but still a cool bird to stumble across. Clearly paired with a ?normal? male Mallard. If you believe the internet, it is probably an aging female whose estrogen levels are low.

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