[Tweeters] Intersex Mallard @ Black River, Renton

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FYI, young males would not have an orange bill like a female mallard. Their
bill would be yellow. Also, first year males are now in full adult breeding
plumage by this time of year.

Jeff Kozma


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I'm guessing it's a young male just coming into plumage.. the reason being,
that we have two that look identical to that here in Sequim.. unless it's a
hybrid.. that might be too.. but for them to look identical, I'm guessing
it's something more rooted than a intersex morph.. guessing hybrid of
Wigeon.. or just a difficult phase.. IDK When I see more than a handful
that look the same, something says it's more natural.


now in Sequim


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So I've HEARD of intersex birds, especially ducks, but never seen one until
today. During a dog walk through Black River Riparian Forest, accessed from
Oakesdale/Monster Rd. on western edge of Renton, I had a Mallard with female
body and big black splotch on bill, but iridescent green head like a drake,
save for buffy-brown cheek. Photos in ebird checklist:

Not as sexy (pun intended) as that gynandromorph cardinal in Pennsylvania,
but still a cool bird to stumble across. Clearly paired with a "normal" male
Mallard. If you believe the internet, it is probably an aging female whose
estrogen levels are low.

Jeff Bryant


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