[Tweeters] Strange bedfellows

john dantoni dantonijohn at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 4 13:27:00 PST 2019

Hi Tweeters,I had watched a Flicker fly into my screech owl box (never inhabited by any owls) a couple of evenings ago and shortly after that a pair of starlings flew in too.  I expected the Flicker to fly out at that point but no birds flew out for the rest of the evening.   I watched the next morning for a while but I didn't witness any birds flying out.   Last night the Flicker returned but no starlings were in the area so I assume they found a different spot for the night.  I checked on-line to see if there were any other reports of this happening and there was a you tube video of a Flicker and a starling sharing a box.   All the best,John D'AntoniMalaga,WA
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