[Tweeters] Negligence Waiver

Daniel R Froehlich danielfroehlich at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 12:41:59 PST 2019

I'm a tour guide and run into waivers like that at some private campgrounds
and other service providers.

I think that waivers that demand indemnification against NEGLIGENCE are
appalling and a disgusting ploy devised by some self-important, twisted
lawyers reveling in the sense of power they get from generating Orwellian

They can't be legally binding--if not, liability insurance would not be a
viable business. Any judges out there disagree?

Their purpose is to intimidate clients who turn into victims.

I take them as a clear sign of terrible judgment on the part of the service
provider. I always take my business elsewhere if possible, telling them
their waiver leaves the safety of their services in grave doubt.

But I'm interested in hearing if any birding lawyers defend the practice.

Dan Froehlich
Poulsbo, WA
Go eBird <https://ebird.org/profile/MzAyNDkz>ing!
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