[Tweeters] Rare Bird found in Aragon!

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Always fun to be reminded that our everyday "Just another X." would be somebody else's mega-rarity.
-Roy Myers, Electric City, WA

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We were lurking about a large marshy pond the day before yesterday.  Got
great looks at the Bearded Reedling, very few photos of anything for the
birds are so far away this time of year.  We were scoping out the tufted
ducks, when an 'Odd Duck' showed up in water with the Tufted Ducks...
  A male Ring Necked Duck!  So I'll be organizing my list on the plane, and trying to validate the
general areas these were found, and then send a complete list when I get
home.  Since my son is still visiting from Florida, we will get to make the
best of my scheduled free time and head to eastern WA.  I will not have to
miss the first meeting for our local Audubon Board, which also makes me
very happy!
Full Report coming, hopefully with photos on flickr.
Most photos are not good, as they were very shy, and great distances away,
but at least they are mostly identifiable....
  Happy Birding!
Vicki Biltz
Buckley WA, currently in Seville Spain.
vickibiltz at gmail.com

vickibiltz at gmail.com
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