[Tweeters] RBA Kentucky Warbler in Okanogan County

Nicholas Mrvelj nickmrvelj at gmail.com
Tue Jun 25 20:00:16 PDT 2019

Hello birders,

Early this morning I found a KENTUCKY WARBLER along Bear Creek Road near
the northern end of Pearrygin Lake. The bird was not very cooperative, and
flew off soon after I detected it. I was not able to relocate the bird for
photos, and judging by the spectacular exit it made after I saw it, I’m
skeptical how chaseable it will be.

Pardon the delay for relaying this information, as I just subscribed to
Tweeters today and have been rather busy traveling throughout the day.

The details can be found on my eBird checklist below.


Good Birding,
-Nick Mrvelj
-Portland, OR
-nickmrvelj at gmail.com
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