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Hi Ed,

In about 2003-2004, I saw a family of quail on my neighbor’s roof near Lincoln Park. I’ve sure wished I could see more, but never have.


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For the last several weeks, I have heard a California Quail calling from tall Douglas-fir trees in my neighborhood in West Seattle. I wouldn’t expect to find a quail here or to hear one calling from 10-20m up in a fir tree. I have never seen it well enough to have any idea of what it could be and disregarded the quail hypothesis despite the proper call until my neighbor Randall Willet took two photographs of the bird sitting on a roof. It’s never been seen or heard on the ground. It moves around the neighborhood calling single note calls regularly, nearly always from tall Douglas-fir.

I would guess this is an escaped hatched bird. I posted the photo on ebird.

Good birding,
Ed Swan
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