[Tweeters] For Sale: Swarovski ATS 65 Scope

ray holden rayleeholden at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 21 20:13:14 PDT 2019

 ATS 65mm with standard 20-60 power eyepiece.  Comes with metal case and strap and the Swarovski box it came in.  There are a few dings in the case but that's what cases are for.  The scope is in excellent condition.  This is the pre-ED scope.  I can't remember ever missing an ID because of the lack of a small amount contrast though.

I purchased this scope from a Tweeter and would like to pass it on to a birder who will love it as much as I have.   I did a stupid and lost the tripod.  If you have one bring it so you can try the scope out.  I firmly believe the only place to really try a birding scope is in the field.  I live on a boat on the Percival Landing Boardwalk in Olympia and there are usually birds around to scope out.     These little scopes cost $1250 new.  Given the inflated price of expensive glass today I think $1000 is more than fair.    360-970-0246   
Ray Holden
Olympia, WA

Life is for the birds.  
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