[Tweeters] possible clay-colored sparrow in Kenmore?

Emily Birchman stollea at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 18:46:53 PDT 2019

Hey all,

My mom was watching my son today at our house in Kenmore while I was at
work. When they were outside they heard a strange buzzy noise and realized
it was a bird across the street, so they went to look at it. My mom said it
was doing a series of buzzy notes, in series of 3- 5 bursts, very loud, and
the notes sort of rose at the end. She got a good look at it and says that
when she googled "bird song that sounds like buzzing" and saw the clay
colored sparrow, it looked a lot like what she saw, and when she listened
to recordings of it she is confident that is what she heard.

However, she's a birder too and recognizes it would be extremely rare to
see one (based on range maps) around here. What do you all think? I'm sure
we haven't ruled out other species it could be - what other ones do you
suggest we look at?

thank you!
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