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Thu Jun 13 11:48:40 PDT 2019

Hello Tweetsters:

Andy McCormick reported that he had for the past two months searched the
Wilson Creek area in hopes of locating Tricolored Blackbirds, because
the print version of A Birder's Guide to Washington, Second Edition, had
reported Wilson Creek as a possible breeding site. However, he had been
unable to find any. He asked for information about where breeding
Tricoloreds could be found.

The birder's guide was placed online in April 2017 mainly so that the
birding sites mentioned in the print version could be kept updated with
current information. And, in fact, thanks to Carol Riddell, information
about the disappearance of the breeding colony at Wilson Creek, was
posted there as an update. As Carol noted, the place to look for
breeding Tricolored Blackbirds shifted from Wilson Creek to Para Ponds
near Othello.

You can see this update at: http://wabirdguide.org/grand-coulee/

And you can see the guide's description of how to find the Para Ponds
at: http://wabirdguide.org/lower-crab-creek-and-othello/

I saw Tricolored Blackbirds on a field trip at the Walla Walla WOS
Conference in 2016 near the Tyson Blood Ponds. If I could give a more
precise description of where to find this location, I would add it to
the updates at wabirdguide.org.

This is a good opportunity, to urge birders to check the
http://wabirdguide.org for updates to the print edition and also to urge
birders to place updates there. When you are out birding and discover
that something in the guide isn't as it was reported in 2015, when the
guide was published, please do go to http://wabirdguide.org and post
your observations. It's a quick and easy thing to do.

Finally, a good place to look for recent sightings in Washington state
is the Birder's Dashboard, which shows sightings of Tricolored
Blackbirds this month at Para Ponds, Sprague Lake in Adams County, and
Danekas Road in/near Ritzville. Precise locations are given for these
sightings. Go to: http://birdingwashington.info/dashboard/wa/ and click
on "Look for a Species."


Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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