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Its been a while since I have been able to devote a full morning to a Magnuson Park walkabout and it was a good day to do so. Getting an early start meant avoiding the heat, mostly. Thankfully, it didn’t really warm up until later. Lots of singing still, with young birds adding to the chorus. It was nice to see a couple of birds that rarely show up in the park and fun to see the antics of the fledglings. Some of the wetland ponds are already dried up but the beavers are still active in the main Promontory Pond. And the odonates were out in good numbers.
Band-tailed Pigeon - one flying purposefully south over the meadows, early; first of year
Mourning Dove - one flying south over Kite Hill a little later
Anna’s Hummingbird - a new nest now occupied on Promontory Point
Cooper’s Hawk - three chicks still downy, but getting large, in the nest on Promontory Point; this is the third year in a row they have occupied the same nest
https://youtu.be/KpoXyORSTSw <https://youtu.be/KpoXyORSTSw>
Flycatchers - a couple each of WW Pewee, Willow and Pacific-slope
Purple Martin - a single vocal bird, flying high overhead; FOY
Bushtit - one nest still intact, Entrance Pond
American Goldfinch - similar to last year, one bird slurping up some sort of pond vegetation
Black-headed Grosbeak - at least a couple, very vocal, north end; FOY
Lazuli Bunting - the singing male continues, central meadow; nice since they were absent the last couple of years; FOY
Unfortunately, could not relocate the family of Virginia Rail that we saw on Saturday:

For the day, 53 species. With WWPE, WIFL, LABU, BTPI, PUMA and BHGR new, 111 species for the year.
Checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S57320628 <https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S57320628>
Scott Ramos

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