[Tweeters] Dusky Grouse in the sagebrush

Jim Elder jelder at meteorcomm.com
Wed Jun 12 13:34:17 PDT 2019

English philosophers in the 1700s debated whether it was reasonable to assume that the sun would come up tomorrow just because it had in all the previous days. Apparently the consensus is that it is NOT reasonable to assume that, just because the first 52 times I have seen Sooty/Dusky Grouse they have been in or at the edge of a forest, the 53rd occurrence will also be in or at the edge of a forest. While some of the experiences that people gave were in sageland at the edge of a forest, some were definitely not. I think I have learned that it is not terribly unusual to find Dusky Grouse in open sageland. Perhaps Sooty Grouse are more dependent on forest habitat.

Jim Elder

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