[Tweeters] Bald eagle crashes into Puget Sound

Elston Hill elstonh at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 12 12:26:25 PDT 2019

We went to Homer a few years ago in November for the bald eagle assembly (some 3,000 eagles). When we first arrived, we were confronted by two eagles fighting with one falling in the river. My wife started to cry thinking the eagle would drown. Instead, it swam to shore using its wings to paddle. Over the next several days we witnessed the swimming behaviors frequently. One time an eagle dove into the river and swam a very large dead salmon back to shore. On our final day, there was a release of a bald eagle that had been rehabilitated by the indigenous people. After a celebration, it ingloriously took off and crashed in the river and swam to the other side of the shore. On that trip we learned on that trip we learned that eagles can swim when the water is relatively flat and the shoreline is not far away.

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