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There are trees sort of nearby, but my go to place for Dusky Grouse is Sun Mountain Lodge.  They are often seen in the open parking area, along the entrance road, near the lodge and also out in the sage areas.  Great birds wherever we find them!!
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Hi Jim and Tweets


Several years ago a friend and I were birding in an area off Cameron Lake Loop Rd. that was partly Ponderosa and partly sagebrush. We heard a dusky grouse calling. We estimated that it was 75 to 100 feet away, and walked over to a convenient flat rock to look down the flats toward where we thought it was. We had been there a brief time and the grouse (it was a Dusky) flushed from under the rock we were standing on. Very definitely ground-based in the sagebrush.


There are other times I have seen Dusky Grouse in sagebrush.


Good Birding,


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Woodinville Wa

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