[Tweeters] Mystery Sparrow

byers345 at comcast.net byers345 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 3 19:52:32 PDT 2019

Hello Tweeters.

My feeders are awash with juvenile Dark-eyed Juncos and
House Finches these days. But today I spotted a little sparrow that wasn't
either of those. When I say little, it was smaller than the juvenile
Dark-eyed Juncos feeding near it. I certainly have Song Sparrows and
White-crowned Sparrows nesting in the area, but the pictures I can find on
the internet don't match baby SOSP or WCSP either. So I created a little
Flickr album with 4 photos showing this bird on the right and left sides, a
view with the breast (very little streaking), and the top of the head. I'm
hoping with all the expertise among you, that someone will recognize which
sparrow this is.


Thanks in advance for any help! Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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