[Tweeters] Bryson Road , Skagit county, homeowner’s concerns.

Maxine Reid max2012mike at gmail.com
Mon Jun 3 15:43:46 PDT 2019

Hi tweets,
To those who bird on this short road north of Darrington I want to share the following.
We were driving slowly down the road and stopped Briefly at the feeders by the last house on the south side ,not getting out of the car.
Shortly thereafter the homeowner,Tom , asked if we would talk with him.
He and wife have lived there and fed birds for 25 years.
In the recent past he said increasing numbers of birders come there, some
Trespass, some seem to look into his house through the windows and
Others speed by where there are young children and dogs .
He wondered what we suggest could be done.
We suggested moving feeders and having a donation box.
His wife really likes to see the bird and he was afraid that thieves would take the
Donation.He is considering putting up a tall wooden fence behind the house.
After about 20 minutes of conversation I promised to put this note in tweeters.
So ,please be aware of his concerns.
It is a county road so legal to drive down it.
Another plan would be to walk along so viewing birds is easy since the feeders
Are near to the road.( one barely needs binoculars to see most of them.)
Any other thoughts are welcome.
Cheers,Maxine Reid.

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