[Tweeters] Brood size in Sharp-shinned hawks

Pat pcoddin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 31 20:26:28 PDT 2019

How many young typically fledge from a Sharp-shinned hawk nest?

There’s a family at Brookville Gardens park in Fife. I started hearing them
call about a week and a half ago. On Monday, an adult flew across the lawn
in to the tree line, but I couldn’t see where it went.

Tonight, while I was walking my dog, I spotted 4 of them, all sitting close
together on branches. Three for sure were juveniles. The fourth bird was
back in some bushes and I could only see the silhouette, but couldn’t tell
if it was an adult or a young one. It looked like the young had left the
nest and were trying out their wings under the cover of the trees.

Three juveniles, possibly four, seems like a large brood for a family of
hawks. Is this unusual?

Pat Coddington
Fife, WA
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