[Tweeters] Westport Seabirds Trip Report (Jon Houghton)

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Eric et al.,

Your "beach creatures" are goose barnacles. I'm not sure which species, but
I'm sure that an expert on marine life could identify them easily. They seem
to be found mainly on the outer coast. That log must have been in the water
for a long time!

Wayne Weber

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This was my second time on a Westport Pelagic trip. It was a great and
memorable trip. The guides are very knowledgable, friendly and helpful, as
is the captain and his wife. Highly recommended. I'll go again. Good looks
at Leach's & Fork-tailed Storm Petrels, South Polar Skua and many others.

The Pacific White-sided Dolphins were definitely my highlight. The amazing
numbers, proximity, and activity of them were amazing to watch. Many were
so close to the boat it was difficult to take a photo of them with a 100mm
lens. A couple of times the dolphins came fully out of the water, flipped
and then nose-dived back into the water.

Below is a link to a video from my phone that gives a small representation
of the numbers of them.


Also on the Flickr photostream is a video and picture of a log I found on
the beach at Westport covered in some sort of barnacle type creatures with
long gummy worm 'necks/feet'. Anyone know what they are let me know.

Eric Ellingson

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