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Come down here, we have slugs galore. And some fat garter snakes.

We have, in the four summers we have been here, always had an abundance of Bumblebees. At least two or three species and lots. They start with the rhodies and are now loving the lavender. Last year we had a lot of butterflies, especially Tiger Swallowtails. Probably more than I recall from 40+ years in western WA. Might see 5-10 on our Butterfly Bush. This year, I have seen maybe three or four in total.

Based on this one year only, I might ascribe the loss of the swallowtails to the month of snow in February. We'll see next year.

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> In addition to fewer bees and other insects, I have also noticed a lack of slugs in my yard over the past few years, probably due to the hot weather. My yard used to be slug city. It is getting scary.


> Diane Weinstein

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> Nelson,


> Thanks for bringing this up. This should be a huge concern for all of us. I too am noticing it.

> For more information:

> https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/27/magazine/insect-apocalypse.html

> https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/feb/10/plummeting-insect-numbers-threaten-collapse-of-nature


> Paul


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> > > Dear birders and hawk watchers- why is it that Crazy Dave and I are the only one to observe ( and publish) the decline of raptors and insects. For well over a year, I have noticed a paucity of raptors in the sky. Now there is a paucity of bees and dragon flies. Folks- I am in the sky every day. Raptors cannot hide in the sky. Good day. Nelson Briefer - Anacortes-http://www.goshawktalker.blogspot.com

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