[Tweeters] Disappearing birds

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Fri Jul 26 16:18:35 PDT 2019

As has been noted in London the sparrow population in the eastside cityscape seems to have declined dramatically.  Brewer's blackbirds and starlings are scarce as well.Going outside the city doesn't change things either.  A drive around sikes lake near carnation results in almost no sightings of swallows or Raptors.  A few years back it was scary to drive on 100th by sikes this time of year because the warm pavement was covered by fledgling swallows.  I used to see close to a dozen red tailed hawks on the power poles.  Now even a single bird is an event.Scarier still is the apparent collapse of insect populations.  My yard plants and the greenhouse are longer full of bees and flies.  I no longer spend money on flea killers for the dog and the cats.Something serious is up.Regards.TSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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