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That's right, I'm not pulling your leg. My name is John Patten Moss, and I am a birder from the state of Georgia. In 2020, I plan to undertake a cross-country unicycle trip on my 36-in touring unicycle. And... I want to see as many bird species as possible on my journey from the Northwest back to my home in Georgia. 
Some of you may remember Dorian Anderson in his quest to travel across the US on a bike and find over 600 species. Needless to say his quest was a complete success, and he has inspired me. Like Dorian, I want to do this thing entirely self-powered. That means no driving, no hitch-hiking, and no pelagics, unfortunately. 
I want to begin my journey in your state on January 1st, 2020, and as a newcomer to Washington, I want to solicit as much advice from you all as possible. I pretty much figure that I need to stick to the coast so early in the year to avoid ice and snow (rain may be another story). I plan on starting towards the southwest of the state and working south to Oregon. Some things that I am wondering about include:
1. Where would be some good hotspots to hit in this region? Olympia may be a bit far north, but would Nisqually NWR be a good start in early January? How about towns down the I-5 corridor? Maybe just start on the coast at a place like Leadbetter Point SP?
2. Are there any well developed bike trails/ rails to trails in the area? The longer the span the better.
3. I would love to bird/stay with any birders out there that would be happy to have me!
Thanks a ton in advance for any advice. And, for what it's worth, I'm including a link to my eBird profile to show that I do actually look at birds. 

Be on the lookout for me early next year!
John Patten Moss

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