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Tweets – It was cool and dark, with rain threatening on this, the 48th day of Junuary, 2019. It eventually cleared, so that it was sunny for the Pea Patch, Mansion, and Rowing Club portion. Early on, the Willow Flycatchers and Swainson’s Thrushes were doing lots of calls and some songs, but most other species weren’t saying much. Not too many surprises today, but still not a bad day.

a.. Canada Goose – we had a small flock last week, following four weeks with none. Today, we had several flocks totaling at least 40 birds
b.. BLACK SWIFT – we expected to see these, but had only 1 briefly north of the mansion
c.. Anna’s Hummingbird – many
d.. Rufous Hummingbird – only 2 last week, and down to 1 this week
e.. Spotted Sandpiper – one spotless bird below the weir
f.. Caspian Tern – one hunting the lake, like last week
g.. Green Heron – one circling flyover
h.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt saw two this morning, probably both juveniles
i.. PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER – seen by half the group, west side of the East Meadow. New for our 2019 list
j.. Red-eyed Vireo – singing, unseen, near Dog Central
k.. Bullock’s Oriole – one stayed mostly hidden and silent; appeared to be a young male
l.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – one silent bird; we had three last week, our first since April
m.. Western Tanager – one that appeared to be a probable juvenile, and one adult male briefly glimpsed
n.. Black-headed Grosbeak – only two, no adult males
This week, we had great looks at three AMERICAN BEAVER near the beaver lodge across from Dog Central. Last week, we had a statistically much more notable sighting: a TOWNSEND’S CHIPMUNK. Although these are quite common in King County, this was only the 2nd time we’ve ever seen one at Marymoor, the other time dating back to May, 2003! It was at the Compost Piles last Thursday.

Last week, we ended up with 63 species. In addition to ones noted about, last weeks birds included COMMON MERGANSER (female with 3 “teenagers”), GREEN HERON, BARN OWL (Matt saw a juvenile on the windmill blade pre-dawn), HAIRY WOODPECKER, and ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER.

Misses *today* included Rock Pigeon, Cliff Swallow, Marsh Wren (probably heard one from boardwalk, but...), and Brown-headed Cowbird (!).

For last week, we had 63 species; this week (not counting a probable MAWR and probable OCWA), 60 species. I’m sure we missed more species in the dark.

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