[Tweeters] Mirrorless Cameras

Elston Hill elstonh at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 06:29:28 PDT 2019

I am a Canon user with big bucks invested in my SLRs and lenses. With so much invested in my equipment and having mastered my equipment, I would find it highly expensive to make the transition to the "mirrorless revolution”. The single most important factor preventing serious photographers from switching equipment is the dramatic cost of switching equipment.

A couple years ago, I had two different friends ask me for suggestions for equipment. I told them what I use. Then they blissfully ignored my advice and purchased Sony mirrorless cameras on the advice of friends and family. They condescendingly informed me they were riding the wave of the future.

Two years later, both individuals are struggling with their equipment. One of the individuals has now informed me that she is disadvantaged by her Sony mirrorless and that is her excuse for mediocre photos. I was subsequently told by a very professional photographer that the menu on the Sony is so complex that he struggled to find his way around the menu. Both Sony and Nikon are experiencing a decline in market share in the camera market. This has been a challenging period for camera manufacturers with the demise of the point and shoot camera in favor of smart phone cameras.

The big seller for mirrorless cameras is weight and price, both which are more moderate than for a comparable SLR. But I also understand that mirrorless cameras are slower to focus and do not focus as sharply as SLR’s. That is a very important issue for bird photography. I do love looking through my 600mm lens on my SLR and being able to accurately move focus points around on a bird’s eye.

According to the web site Canon Rumors, Canon is putting heavy emphasis on the development of mirrorless cameras, so that does seem to be the wave of the future. Who knows, one of these days I may need to join the “mirrorless revolution”. But for now, I will happily lug my SLR with my big 600mm lens sometimes attaching an extender.

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