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Mitchell Von Rotz biglou22 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 12:35:01 PDT 2019

Hello Tweeters,
Sorry for the "off topic” post but I was just hit with an obvious opportunity that I hadn’t pieced together for this listserv. I am heading down to Southern Arizona next month and my stay will sandwich the festival (I will be doing one field trip on Sat the 10th) and I had posted on the AZNM listserv asking about 2 locations and was emailed by Rich from Mt Vernon, and he is heading down there as well and offering to possibly meet up to help with the locations in question. I had forgotten that I can also ask our local community if any WA birders are heading down during my time (Aug 5-14) and maybe want to join forces, either in person or staying in touch via texting/emails/calls for sightings. I would say these can be offline responses, however, if multiple people are heading down I would think that the more connections between more people would be helpful and more enjoyable? I am good with either method of response!

Good Birding,

Mitchell Von Rotz

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