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Hi Stefan,In May, I attended a seminar at Kenmore Camera by Scott Bourne who is a bird photographer and is promoted by and promotes Olympus.  Unfortunately I don't recall which models he was promoting that day.  He did a good sales job, claiming light weight, etc., but when I googled the specs, the system he was pushing actually weighed more than my current set up (Nikon D500 + Nikkor 200-500mm lens), and it wasn't an inexpensive system either, so I didn't bite.  The one feature that the Olympus system has that is enviable, is the "Pro-Capture" mode that allows you to capture images prior to releasing the shutter (the camera temporarily stores images with the shutter button partially pressed).  But that wasn't enough for me to give up all of my Nikon gear and make the expensive switch to Olympus.
On Monday, July 15, 2019, 08:58:38 a.m. PDT, Stefan Schlick <greenfant at hotmail.com> wrote:

For many years the standard DSLR system for birders has been the Canon 7D/7D Mark II with the 100-400mm IS (I or II) lens. Is anybody using a mirrorless camera for bird photography and how is it working out for you? In particular, is anybody using the Olympus E-M1X?
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