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Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Sun Jul 14 17:00:02 PDT 2019

Hey tweets, I forgot to mention in my last post about birding Bowdoin, Montana: We found this place by looking through a book I've had for years but never really consulted before. It's "The Birder's Guide to Montana," by Terry McEneaney. The book was published in 1993, so in many ways, it's way out of date (many bird names, for example, have changed as the ABA has split and lumped in the intervening years).

However, the places are still in place, and that's what we wanted to find out. We discovered that when this book says a place is birdy, it's *really* birdy, and when the author says you shouldn't miss a given spot, that's a spot you need to see.

Although out of print now, there are used copies available on Amazon, if you're interested. - Connie, Seattle

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