[Tweeters] Fort Simcoe, Yakima Co. Blue Gray Gnatcatchers

Paul Baerny pbaerny at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 19:36:59 PDT 2019

I saw two Blue Gray Gnatcatchers at Fort Simcoe state park today. For those westsiders not familiar with the park I thought I might help with directions. Thanks to Andy Stepniewski for directing me earlier in the week.
From the parking lot, walk west past the white jail building. Follow the tract that heads south to the Block house. Just past the Block house there is a rocky tract that runs east/west. Go left(east) for about 250 yards. You’ll pass a small sign on the right of the path/road. There will be a lone oak tree on the right side of the path and a large oak that overhangs the path as well as the boundary fence on the left. I saw the birds in the oaks left of the path at the overhanging oak. I did not hear the birds as others have(too many Ramones concerts as a youth).

Good luck and Bird on! Paul Baerny
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