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I never would have thought that a simple oversight with regard to identifying the city in which I saw a bird would result in my inbox being flooded with this level of sarcasm and condescension. While this has not been true of every request for further information, it has been true of enough of them to question the point of continuing with this any longer. The person who questioned the veracity of the sighting by pointing out that he/she couldn’t personally vouch for it was typical of the sort of contrived condescension I received. 

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Please remember that this listserv has readers are from all over the area and not everyone knows all the bird hot spots.

Rather than saying Bird x has been seen at the intersection of Main and Central, please include the city.

Rather than say duck x is on the pond at the visitor’s center, please tell us what park you are at also.


Linda Phillips

Kenmore WA


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