[Tweeters] Whimbrels and Golden Plover; Douglas County

merdave at homenetnw.net merdave at homenetnw.net
Thu Jul 11 07:03:10 PDT 2019

Hi, Birders. Atkins Lake, and the pond on Heritage, in Doug. Co. are
still providing some good shore birds. Yesterday at Atkins, on the east
side of Rd. M we saw 2 Whimbrels in the wet grassy field. Sometimes they
came to the road and sat down! Then we saw a Plover out in the grasses.
Spent at least a half-hour trying for photos and an i.d. We know it was a
Golden Plover, but sure hope someone else has time to wait maybe longer
for good views. On April 25 Kav had a Pacific Golden Plover in that area.
We think the female we saw is the same species. Other shorebirds seen
inc. Black-necked Stilts, Spotted, Bairds, Least, Western and
Semi-palmated Sandpipers, plus Killdeer. Enjoy these areas while they
last! Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport P.S. We also saw at least 40
Pelicans flying to the north.

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