[Tweeters] Looking for help

Georgia Conti antep12 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 09:38:51 PDT 2019

I am in transit to Alaska to catch the ferry from Homer to Dutch Harbor and somehow my carry-on backpack with Leica binocs and sleeping bag were forgotten to be put in my transportation service vehicle and left on my car ramp in Mexico. Any chance someone can lend me either or both? I am on my way to Seattle and will be there until the 15th. The ferry departs Homer in the 16th late evening and I will be back in Seattle by July 26. This is a bucket list trip so heading out without optics will be not good and as much as I would like to run out to buy Leica Trinivids in Seattle my wallet cannot accommodate it. I am pretty sure I can borrow a sleeping bag but am hard pressed to borrow decent binocs. If you have something I can borrow please PM me. I have also reached out to the Alaska birding community hoping someone remembers me from my time there and service in Anchorage Audubon.

Georgia Conti

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