[Tweeters] Edmonds Roundup - June 2019

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Mon Jul 8 09:16:44 PDT 2019

June was a slow month in Edmonds. The big news was the appearance of a Brewer’s Sparrow (code 5) in a yard near Pine Ridge Park on June 3rd. The only previous reported sighting of that species was on September 7, 2012, near the Edmonds marsh. We finally had two Turkey Vultures fly over the Edmonds Bowl on June 21st. Heermann’s Gulls (code 1) arrived at the Edmonds Marina breakwater on June 8th. Southbound shorebird migration began on June 28th when the first Least Sandpipers (code 1) arrived in the marsh.

I forgot to note in the May Roundup that a Green Heron (code 3) was at the Edmonds marsh on May 26th and remained for a couple of days. We usually see this species later in the summer.

We recently learned that a Chipping Sparrow (code 4) was feeding and in a yard in north Edmonds on April 28th and was photographed. There have been several recent reports of Chipping Sparrows in eBird by out-of-state birders. They were all heard only and would represent birders confusing a much rarer species with our abundant Dark-eyed Juncos calling.

At the end of June we were at 155 species for the year. Species on our collective list are noted in the bird information display box at the Olympic Beach Visitor Station at the base of the public pier. If you would like an electronic copy of the current Edmonds checklist, please request it at checklistedmonds at gmail.com <mailto:checklistedmonds at gmail.com>.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, WA

Abundance codes: (1) Common, (2) Uncommon, (3) Harder to find, usually seen annually, (4) Rare, 5+ records, (5) Fewer than 5 records
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