[Tweeters] What a Milestone and What an Experience!

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Nice one Dalton! Lewis is one tough county... And thanks for sharing those good birds you found along the way in real time. Good luck, Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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Way to Go Dalton!
Now go find those Montana Birds.
Happy Birding
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Hi all,

For those of you who keep county lists in Washington you know that there is one number to reach for and when you achieve that number your goal is met. For some underbirded Eastside counties that number should probably be 175 and for some of the rarity crazed Westside counties that number should be 225. All said though the magic number remains 200.

200 species in a single county is quite a feat. Some people can do that in a year but most take several and some a lifetime. In Lewis county few people have reached that mark. Yesterday though I can now claim to join a very elite group of birders who have done so in their lifetime.

With the help of Dave and Sherry Hayden, Kathleen Snyder, Rachel Hudson, Paul Hicks, Bill Tweit, Russ Koppendrayer, Chris Warlow, Gary Wiles, and countless others I have completed the task in 1,163 days. A record time for a county that is very difficult to find birds in especially for a westside county.

Some of you may wonder why this is such a huge accomplishment. For most of that time I could not drive and relied on others for transportation. I was also in High School for all but 3 of those species which were seen post graduation. All of this on top of the fact that I only started birding 5 years ago.

Once again I want to thank all of those who have helped me along the way and I hope that someday I can help inspire a generation of young birders just as this community has helped to inspire me!

Dalton Spencer
Centralia, Washington
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