[Tweeters] Report of a Pine Warbler in Cle Elum on 6/30

Ryan Merrill rjm284 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 12:46:38 PDT 2019

Hi Tweeters,

I'm passing on some additional information about the location of the
reported Pine Warbler in Cle Elum on 6/30 by Laurie S. Perhaps the bird is
still around and someone can document it with a photo?

"Yes - I had a really good look as I said before. He stayed around for
probably 8 minutes. I had no idea it might be a first for the state! I hope
someone with a camera can get out there and find him!

We started the Coal Trail in Roslyn - at the gravel pit-type parking lot
near a huge sign that said urban forest. Headed toward Cle Elum. The Pine
Warbler was on the right side of the trail, about a half-mile or a mile
down that trail, and about 8-10’ high - hopping around foraging and
singing. I am pretty sure through those trees I could see a field of some
kind, but not sure how big that opening was. Yes, he was pretty much fully
yellow, except for a little whiteish half-way down his belly toward the
rump, and his wings which were more greyish with the wing bars.

It was not too far from Roslyn. I used to live in Wisconsin, so I’m
familiar with that bird, but it surprised me. As I mentioned, I was
expecting to see a chipping sparrow or a junco. (Hoping to see a Chipping
Sparrow, actually - they have eluded me!) But I didn’t know it might be a
first for the state - I just got back from Malheur and was surprised at the
eastern birds that can be found there.

If it helps someone familiar with the birdy residents of that trail, soon
after leaving the warbler there was a pair of Lazuli Buntings hanging
around. Looked like they might be regulars in that spot.

Sorry I can’t be more specific regarding location. Even sorrier I have not
graduated to photos. It was great lighting and perfect distance/height."

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Good birding,
Ryan Merrill
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