[Tweeters] Birding Washington in January

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Wed Jan 30 21:31:54 PST 2019

I am off to Hawaii tomorrow - four days in Maui and then an intense day on the Big Island trying for my 50 species on one day.  Will be tough but good fun and MUCH better than being anywhere in the Midwest in that unbelievable cold...
I did a Big Month birding in Washington last January (2018).  Not nearly as many birds this year but a good time and some better than usual photos.  (Good sunlight was the key).  The month is recaptured and lots of pictures included in my last Blog post for awhile.

Also I tried earlier to share what I thought was a funny post from Facebook.  I don't think it worked.  Here is the content of it - a birder describing the time he or she discusses certain aspects of his/her life in a week:  
Love life - 2 seconds; Social life 8 seconds;  talking about birds 123 hours, 54 minutes and 27 seconds.  Too true (but i am working on changing that).
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