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Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Wed Jan 30 13:56:19 PST 2019

After reading the responses I got privately from Hank H, Lydia K, Penny K, Mark A and Anthony G, I called Comcast and told them of our ebird-alerts stoppage and that I and several others found bunches of them in our junk (spam) folders. I asked how to put them back in my inbox and was told that I’d need to move one at a time and transfer each into the inbox. Too ponderous a task, I thought and said as everyday I get scores of alerts. The Comcast agent seemed to think that was the only thing to do, so I went about going to my ebird alert site, resetting a password (the account name was still there, but I had no record of my password). So, using the new password, I signed up again for the alerts I wanted and the frequency of receiving them I desired and now I’ll see if any alerts come to me at my Comcast inbox - I can live without the dozens I missed in this past week or so. BUT, if I still don’t get any, I may have to try Anthony’s email filter/white list approach, which isn’t something I’m at all familiar with. I will also try the method that Margaret S received from Andrew Dreelin @ Cornell Lab (I just noticed this, but it may prove to be too taxing a method for my pea-brain !). As I never unsubscribed , re-subscribed nor did I re-check the settings of my spam filter, I expect I’ll not get any alerts yet today or until I can truly try the steps that Andrew suggested.

I’ll let the Tweeterage know if any of this works for me.

Thanks again for your help, all of you.

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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> Yes, create email filters, a white list and notify Comcast they can walk you through on how to make such changes to your arriving emails.

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> Barb, I noticed you are a Comcast user, like me. The same thing happened recently with my e-bird alerts, they stopped. Found them in my Comcast spam folder online when I logged on via web browser. Not sure yet how to fix this, but it seems like it's an issue created by Comcast. If anybody has found a fix, please share. For the good of the order... Mark


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>> Until 2 days ago, I had been a subscriber to several counties’ e-bird alerts. Then I had a computer problem, got that fixed, but then noticed I’m no longer filling my inbox with e-bird alerts. I don’t remember how to sign up for them now. If any of you know what I could do about this, I’d be ever so beholden. You could contact me off-site either through email or phone (I could send you my phone #). As I don’t get out birding like I used to, I’ve found that using e-bird to find out what the rest of you are seeing, is a real boon. It gives more info than just reading the Tweeters posts (but I still love Tweeters).


>> ‘Preciate any responses.


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