[Tweeters] Juvenile Golden Eagle at Hayton Preserve

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I find it interesting that in the past at least 8 years or so, there has been a Juvi Golden Eagle that shows up in this area.. every.single.year and we are not talking any adults.. just one singular Juvi. A few ideas have crossed my mind.. one, that maybe this is not a Juvi Golden but a mixed up Hybrid that comes back every year.. is an adult that looks like a Juvi.. the other is that there is a pair of Golden Eagles that lay an egg in a Bald Eagles nest every year.. Just thinking out loud here.. we do have Goldens around, but I never hear of them out there in the Winter.. on the Skagit. Just the Juvi.. same area? Anyone else with thoughts on this? Does it not seem a bit odd? I would leave it to chance if there was an irregular pattern. I should say, it always starts around Nov?ish with a spotting up river upper Skagit and ends up near Stanwood/Wylie hmmm

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The GoEa was perched in the eagle-nest-tree near the parking area at the Hayton Preserve this afternoon. I got a good look with my binoculars and my scope before two adult Bald Eagles attacked the juvie golden eagle. It escaped but I lost sight of it when it dropped behind the evergreen tree next to the eagle-nest-tree. It was an exciting end to the day.

Jo Waldron
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