[Tweeters] Saturday 1/26 - Marymoor Park Redmond

Jason Ferleman jason.ferleman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 06:58:25 PST 2019

Took a quick little birding walk in the Marymoor fog on 1/26 (starting near
the dog park). It was a quiet morning without much visible activity at
first, as the fog lifted birds started to appear. In the roughly hour long
walk we encountered the following birds:

-(2) pairs of Common Goldeneye
-Green Wing Teals
-(1) pair of Gadwall
-(1) belted kingfisher
-The lonely ring neck pheasant rooster RFI: does anyone know if he was
dropped off there, naturally occurring, or perhaps a long ways from one of
the WDFW pheasant release sites (Carnation or Duvall)?
-Herons were active in the rookery
-(2) female Buffleheads
-(1) pair of ring-necked ducks

And the best part: right as we were leaving near the North exit of the
park: a Ferruginous Hawk! We were driving out of the park and spotted it,
didn't think much of it, thought it was a Redtail at a distance. Decided
to stop and put the binocs on it, clearly identified as a Ferruginous!
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